Cistus Ladaniferus Resin

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Low hazard for health although a small percentage of people can be sensitive to this oil. Derived from plants, biodegradable and suitable for greywater and septic tanks.

Cistus ladanifer is a species of flowering plant native to the western Mediterranean region. Common names include gum rockrose, laudanum, labdanum, common gum cistus, and brown-eyed rockrose. The leaves are evergreen, broad, dark green above and paler underneath. The flowers are 5–8 cm diameter, with 5 papery white petals, usually with a red to maroon spot at the base, surrounding the yellow stamens and pistils. The whole plant is covered with the sticky exudate of fragrant resin, the source of labdanum, used in herbal medicine and perfumery. From Wikipedia


Botanical name: Cistus Ladanifer

Other names: Gum rockrose, ladanum, gum ladanum, brown-eyed rockrose

INCI Name Cistus Ladaniferus Resin
Ingredient Origins Gum Rockrose Resin
Role Fragrance
Common Name Cistus Labdanum Oil
EWG Rating 1 - 1
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