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NASTY, not used in ecostore products

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An example of an ingredient that can be nasty or safe depending on application. Enzymes are not used in ecostore Laundry products or any ecostore products that come into contact with skin. Only used in ecostore dish tabs and powder. Suitable for Septic Tanks. Biodegradable.

Enzymes are naturally occurring biological proteins which play a vital role in the body. They aid in many chemical reactions, usually by acting as catalysts. Some enzymes such as amylase can break down molecules (carbohydrates) and this property can be used to help in the aspect of stain removal in consumer productsii. Enzymes can be very useful used like this, although there is also caution that their metabolic and catalytic processes can cause skin irritation. Enzymes that break down molecules such as amylase and protease are very efficient at doing so, and do not differentiate between stain molecules on a dish plate or item of clothing and similar molecules that are part of the skins superficial layers. This can potentially cause irritation to those who are more sensitive. Although enzymes are thought to be problematic to health through inhalation, and there is limited scientific evidence to suggest that Enzymes are skin irritants in Laundry products.   It has become more and more obvious that leaving enzymes out of Laundry products often relieves irritation to those who are more sensitive. At ecostore we aim to make products that have the least possible effects on human and environmental health. We practice the precautionary approach, and believe there are many other ways to increase cleaning ability in our Laundry powder, which is why we have chosen to leave out Enzymes in our Laundry powder formula. Ecostore do use enzymes in our dish powder and tablets which do not come into contact with skin and so are not able to cause skin irritation.



i) Enzymes in commercial laundry

INCI Name Laundry Enzymes
Common Name Enzymes
EWG Rating 0 - 1
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