Laundry Enzymes

NASTY, not used in ecostore products

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An example of an ingredient that can be nasty or safe depending on application. Enzymes are not used in ecostore Laundry products or any ecostore products that come into contact with skin. Only used in ecostore dish tabs and powder. Suitable for Septic Tanks. Biodegradable.

Enzymes are proteins that aid in the breaking down of molecules. They occur naturally and can be artificially made. The Enzyme Amylase is present in your Saliva and breaks down Carbohydrates into sugars, which is why a piece of white bread starts to taste a little sweet when you keep it in your mouth for a while. You can think of Enzymes as little 'eating' proteins that chomp away at things (carbohydrates in your mouth, fats in your stomach) and break them down, which is good when your saliva is trying to break down your food but not so good when they are used in your Laundry powder that ultimately rubs up against your (more sensitive) skin! Enzymes are designed to remove various stains in lower water temperatures, however we do not recommend using Enzymes in any products that could come in contact with the skin such as laundry products. This is because these 'eating' proteins can potentially start 'eating' away at the good stuff on your skin and cause irritation. We only use enzymes in products that do not come into contact with your skin. We use Amylases in our dish powder and tablets because they reduce the large number of chemicals needed to get similar results and enable us to formulate safer dishwasher products with a lower alkalinity. REFERENCE: (1. Andersen, P. H., Bindslev-Jensen, C., Mosbech, H., Zachariae, H., & Andersen, K. E. (1998). Skin symptoms in patients with atopic dermatitis using enzyme-containing detergents: A placebo-controlled study. Acta Dermato-Venereologica, 78(1), 60-62.)

INCI Name Laundry Enzymes
Common Name Enzymes
EWG Rating 0 - 1
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