Propylene Glycol

NASTY, not used in ecostore products

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High Health Hazard. Skin, eye and Lung irritant and possible organ system toxicity. Irritation can be seen at low inclusion rates of Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol has many functions such as a solvent or solubalizing aid. It can be irritating to the skin with studies showing it can provoke allergic reactions in patients with eczema and other skin allergies. Extended exposure to Propylene Glycol has also been linked to the development of asthma and allergic reactions in children. Having a small molecular weight it can be absorbed through the skin. It has been shown to cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage in laboratory animals. REFERENCES:(1. References: (1. )

INCI Name Propylene Glycol
Ingredient Origins Hydrocarbons
EWG Rating 3 - 3
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