Animal Tallow

NASTY, not used in ecostore products

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Animal Tallow is fat from pork beef or mutton. It is not used in ecostore products as we try to keep our products animal free.

Animal Tallow is fat that is commonly derived from Pork, beef or muttoni. It is used in many products such as fabric softener, lip balm and bar soaps. It contains similar useful fatty acids which are also found in plant oils, and can be used to make ingredients such as surfactants, emulsifiers and moisturisers. Although Animal tallow is not hazardous to human health or the environment, we at ecostore choose not to use it as we prefer to keep our products animal free. At ecostore none of our products are tested on animals, all of them are vegetarian and most are vegan (except for goats milk soap and Manuka honey and Kelp soap)



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INCI Name Animal Tallow
Ingredient Origins Animal Fat
EWG Rating 1 - 1
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