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Pregnancy is a really important time to look after yourself. You’ll experience changes in your hormones and body, and anything you eat, come into contact with or get exposed to affects your baby as much as you. While you’re pregnant, you share nutrients with your baby, and you share chemicals around the house that are absorbed into your skin.

We’ve compiled five tips for a healthy pregnancy to help navigate this important stage of your journey.

1. Share only good stuff with baby

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to avoid chemicals that might harm your baby. When you’re pregnant you’re not just sharing nutrients, you’re passing on toxins from chemicals you’re exposed to. It pays to shop wisely and check the labels to find out what’s in your cleaners and skincare products. Parabens, for example, are used to preserve lots of skincare products – but they’re known as endocrine disruptors which disrupt our hormonal balance.

2. Eat well

Make sure you’re eating plenty of fruit and vegetables each day, as well as protein, fibre and omega 3s. Supplements like folic acid, vitamin D and iodine can also help. Eating organic is also a great idea because it limits the amount of pesticides we might take in.

3. Get fit for baby

Exercise has lots of benefits for expectant mums, building up strength and helping you maintain a positive mood. You don’t have to overdo it – in fact, you’ll benefit a lot from gentle movement through walking, taking a swim, and things like stretches, yoga and pilates.

4. Get your 'me' time

Feel good about nurturing yourself while pregnant – make sure you get enough sleep, even if that means a nap during the day. Relaxation techniques, gentle exercise and stretching can help you feel relaxed and keep stress levels down.

5. Be baby wise

If it’s your first child on the way, let friends and family, a good book, a class, or a helpful website guide you. You might be able to help babysit a newborn to find out what that early journey is like.

Did you know?
Before they’re born, babies haven’t developed a barrier between their blood and their brain to protect against toxins their mothers are exposed to.
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