Safer For You FAQs

How is ecostore safer for you?

ecostore has compared the ingredients used in 427 competitor products across personal care, baby and household cleaning categories assessing the comparative safety of ingredients used in these products. We used information from the US based Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep website, an independent database which assigns each ingredient a ‘hazard score’. EWG created this integrated database of chemical hazards, regulatory status, and study availability by pooling the data of nearly 60 databases and sources from government agencies, industry panels, academic institutions, or other credible bodies. EWG uses these databases to assess potential health hazards for household ingredients. EWG has developed a hazard rating that reflects known and suspected hazards associated with ingredients and products. Hazard ratings within Skin Deep are shown as low, moderate, or high concern categories, with numeric rankings spanning those categories that range from 1 (low concern) to 10 (high concern).

‘Safer for you’ is calculated by the number of ingredients in a product that have a moderate–high hazard score.

ecostore is considered to be ‘safer for you’ in each product category where the number of ingredients used by ecostore with a moderate-high hazard score is lower than the number used by most competitors within that same category.

A quick way to check this:

Simply, turn an ecostore product around and check out the “X no…” section on the back label. This lists examples of ingredients commonly found in similar products which ecostore specifically choose not to use.

Discover it for yourself:

All you need to do is grab any household product and enter each ingredient listed on the pack into the EWG Skin Deep online database. Any ingredients which are rated as a 3 or higher are classed as a moderate to high hazard. It also mentions whether the ingredient has been linked with cancer, developmental & reproductive toxicity, allergies & immunotoxicity or has use restrictions.

How does ecostore compare with competitor products?

We have assessed our ingredients against many products widely available in the market, and based on the number of moderate-to-high hazard chemicals used by other products, ecostore is generally safer than the majority of other brands. Where ecostore has identified ingredients available which could have a lower score, we are continually replacing, developing and improving our ingredients to ensure we keep pace with ingredient innovation and safety. We applaud other health-conscious brands which have also avoided the use of such chemicals and we look forward to the day that no manufacturer uses chemicals with hazardous concerns.

Supermarkets wouldn’t be allowed to sell products that aren’t safe for consumers.

We believe if a natural or man-made chemical raises concerns of harm to our health or our planet, precautionary measures should be taken – even if not yet fully established scientifically. We think that manufacturers should be responsible for providing transparent information of what they are using in their products and lead the switch to safer ingredients wherever possible. We don’t use ingredients which we consider unsafe or unnecessary: there are even some natural ingredients which we won’t use if there’s any doubt about their safety. Our ingredient selection is based on in-depth research, using trusted international sources such as the EWG Cosmetic Database to help us assess the health and safety impact of every ingredient. We also carry out comparative ingredient assessments of every product against leading brand alternatives to ensure we achieve significantly safer ratings for people’s health.

Why is ‘safer for you’ not on ecostore dishwasher products?

We decided to leave off the claim on dishwasher products as they are often stored in cupboards in the kitchen which are easily accessed by children. As dishwasher tablets could potentially be confused by children as lollies and carry a hazard warning, we have erred on the side of caution and decided not to include the ‘safer for you’ messaging on pack. We did not want anyone to think these products should be in reach of children.

Have the market leaders and other eco brands been included in your testing?

Yes we have included as many brands as possible to cover the majority from each category.

Where manufacturers do not fully disclose ingredients, how have you included them in this?

We have sourced information from competitor and distributor websites wherever possible, however for the cleaning category many brands choose not to disclose all their ingredients as they are not currently legally required to do so. For competitors’ products where we haven’t been able to identify all ingredients we have rated them only on the ingredients disclosed.

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