Baby nappy balm

A soothing balm for nappy rash, cradle cap and other skin conditions with active Horopito (NZ plant) extract to nourish and protect your baby's skin.

Our fragrance-free nappy balm is rich in antioxidants, is non-greasy and non-staining and helps create a protective barrier uniquely aligned to the natural chemistry of your baby's skin.

Tips for preventing nappy rash:

  • Gently pat your baby dry after a bath and make sure that her bottom is completely dry before you put her in nappies as moisture contributes to nappy rash. 
  • Don't put nappies on too tightly, just snug enough to prevent leaks but not so tight that it chafes.
  • Avoid scented wipes or nappies. The chemicals can dry out and irritate your baby's skin. Use unscented wipes or warm water and cotton balls, or a soft flannel.
  • Give your baby's bottom some fresh air every now and then by placing a cloth nappy or absorbent towel underneath her and let her enjoy being nappy-free. 
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Fragrance Ingredients

I can't say enough how thankful I am for your nappy cream, sometimes it's the simple things that are most effective and the most natural.... I second guess doctors a lot now!


My baby has really dry, sensitive skin and it gets quite irritated and raw sometimes on certain areas of her body. The baby balm is the best thing to heal her raw skin without causing any irritation and it's works very quickly.


We recently changed to your baby balm which converted an almost raw bottom to a smooth healthy one in a couple of days.


Your Nappy Balm is amazing! My son had an awful reaction to aqueous cream for dry skin - poor boy his face was all red, rashy, itchy, weeping, with swollen eyes. Switched to your balm and he's gorgeous again thank goodness.


We have been using your nappy balm since our bubby was a newborn she is now 9 months never had any nappy rashes! Only times she has got a bit red is when we have run out. Love your product n often recommend it to other mums!

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