Extra moisturising hand cream

Deep nourishing protection for dry hands that leaves your skin silky smooth, soft and protected.

Our hand cream is a luxurious, non-greasy formulation made from the latest generation plant-based ingredients and is enriched with jojoba oil. Jojoba has a close resemblance to sebum - the oil that is naturally produced by the body to protect your skin, and is light and easily absorbed.

Renewable sugarcane plastic: Our bottles are made from renewable sugarcane plastic, which is 100% recyclable and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Blending art and science: Our distinctive body care labels feature artwork by one of New Zealand's foremost internationally renowned artists: John Reynolds. John's work is in most public art collections and has been part of many international exhibitions from Europe to New York to Sydney. His elegant, less-is-more philosophy on art reflects the elegance of our formulations. We follow the Einstein principle that the simplest solution is the most elegant.

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Components of Natural Essential Oils
Citronellol · D-Limonene · Geraniol · Linalool

So while on holiday I ran out of my usual face cream! I turned to my extra moisturising eco store hand cream to save the day, lol my face hasn't felt this good in ages, I'll be sticking with it as my new face cream from now on : ) Keep up the good work eco store!

Liz D.

Love, love love the extra moisturising hand cream. Fragrance and texture just perfect! Also love all the hand washes and body washes. Lovely quality products, good for the environment and good for me and good price too!

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